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Fiori Musicali: Liber Amicorum Alexander Silbiger

Fiori Musicali: Liber Amicorum Alexander Silbiger edited by Claire Fontijn and Susan Parisi

The twenty essays in this volume honor Alexander Silbiger, distinguished scholar, performer, and teacher, on the occasion of his seventy-fifth birthday.  The contributors of the essays are former students, friends, and colleagues.

An eminent authority on Baroque keyboard music, Professor Silbiger is the author and editor of influential editions, monographs, and articles on music in the Baroque era, including the monumental 17th Century Keyboard Music (28 volumes), Keyboard Music Before 1700, and Frescobaldi Studies, this last the fruits of the International Frescobaldi Conference that he organized.  For more than thirty years, Professor Silbiger taught in departments of music, first at Brandeis University and the University of Wisconsin, then from 1984 until his retirement in 2002 at Duke University.

The collection of essays is divided into six subject areas that represent distinct research interests of the honoree: Part 1: Frescobaldi; Part 2: Vocal Music; Part 3: The Transition from Modality to Tonality; Part 4: Keyboard Music; Part 5: Music of the Eighteenth Century; and Part 6: Newfound Sources in the United States.  The volume opens with an Introduction by Claire Fontijn and a Tribute on behalf of the Society for Seventeenth-Century Music by Georgia Cowart. Together, these trace Professor Silbiger’s career broadly, from the completion of his first doctorate in Engineering Mechanics in 1961 to the present, and offer a portrait of him as scholar, performer, teacher, and mentor.


About the Editors

Claire Fontijn is Barbara Morris Caspersen Associate Professor of Music at Wellesley College.

Susan Parisi is Research Scholar in Music at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.


The Contributors

Claudio Annibaldi, Candace Bailey, Gregory Barnett, Tim Carter, Étienne Darbellay, Michael Dodds, Claire Fontijn, David Fuller, Giuseppe Gerbino, Jonathan Gibson, Catherine Gordon-Seifert, Bruce Gustafson, Frederick Hammond, Christine Jeanneret, Daniel S. Katz, Jeffrey Kurtzman, Jean-Paul C. Montagnier, Mary Oleskiewicz, David Schulenberg, and Joel Sheveloff


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“[A]ffection for Alexander Silbiger, as enthusiast and inspirer, as well as regard for his work, are very evident in this substantial offering.  Twenty essays cover a wide range of topics, by a wide age-range of contributors.  Many of the essays have been adumbrated in conference papers in recent years, and it is good to have them now available in fully articulated form.  Editorial care is manifest in a good index…. All together this substantial volume exemplifies an era of solid traditional musicology…"

Music & Letters

This excellent book, covering a wide range of areas and topics, was published in honor of an excellent scholar with an equally wide range of interests and accomplishments: Alexander Silbiger.  It is truly a liber amicorum, a "book of love and friendship."...

Reviewed by Mark Kroll, Early Music America

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